Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Zentangle Play

Once again I am about 2-3 years behind the curve. I remember coming across this a couple of years ago and "rediscovered" it a few days ago. Zentangles. And better yet, I came across this video on Youtube (don't they have something on everything) about drawing a mandala-style zentangle. And from there, the creator's blog.....Milliande who oozes creativity constantly it seems.

These are fun, easy, but challenging. Ok, easy, but challenging? Anyone can do them. My "problem" is figuring out the textures or fill-in's I want to do. So while you can easy do one in front of the TV, it sometimes takes some thought....or non-thought. I have found thinking about what I want to do seems counter-productive at times.

My next bout of "creativity" on my final couple of days off...other than going in for my pre-lim for my colon cancer screening test (don't you love turning 50?) I have already purged files yet again and got rid of another bag of old papers. That I did on Sunday. My current creativity is getting the desk top computer, which has returned to my sole possession, up with "MY" stuff.
I have been using both the desk top and the lap top with the girls. Most of my bookmarks are on the laptop, so have to move those over. Maybe doing some purging and reorganizing.

Sometimes creativity takes a more mundane route, but the Virgo in me rejoices in it.

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