Saturday, January 03, 2009

Been Reading

a lot......and introduced a couple of co-workers to Laurel K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series. They are not readers and had read all the Harry Potter books and were starting on the Stephanie Meyer "Twilight" series and the one who was reading them first was trying to describe the first book to another co-worker. When "Harry Potter, but with vampires?" came up, I had to butt in.

No, no, no.....nothing like Harry Potter other than being aimed at a younger audience. But nothing remotely close to Harry Potter.

(By the way, OD poo-poos the movie Twilight and the book series as "vampires don't starkle". Texter looks it and wanted the whole set of books for Christmas.)

So, the great hesitation I started co-worker 2 on the Merry Gentry series while awaiting co-worker 1 finishing up the Twilight books. I say with "great hesitation" because these books are definitely "adult" books (even though OD has read them). Co-worker 2, who will tell you she is not a reader, slammed through those books like crazy. I think describing them as "fairy porn" had something to do with it.

Her husband, who commented on her recent reading habit, has asked "how many books in the series" and hopes Ms. Hamilton writes really, really fast. Co-worker 2 and I have gotten several odd looks at work as we giggle "black, silver, green, blue?" and she is encouraging her hubby to grow his hair out.

But in a departure from Ms. Hamilton, I have read The Rose Labyrinth by Titania Hardie. Good book. Definitely one you need to think about. Not one I would recommend to everyone, but if you like mystery, history, DaVinci code-like story, this is one for you.

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  1. just by reading your header, I can see that you and I would get into some incredibly fun trouble if you lived closer to me!

    Thanks for dropping by......hope you'll come back again soon!

    Happy New Year!


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