Saturday, January 31, 2009

Soul Journal 18: Releasing and Receiving

I recently joined the yahoo group, Soul Journal, based on this blog, Soul Journal.

This week’s entry is about “Release and Receive”, letting go of the old and being open to the new.

When I saw the theme, I reversed the words, by accident, and to me it became “Receive and Release”. It spoke to me about opening up and accepting my “muse”, my “creativity”, my “art”. And it doing so, I would release my art back onto the world (poor world!)


I applied a watery coat of gesso to some watercolor paper. Over that, I applied several different colors and coats of acrylics. Then I coated my hand with gold paint and applied my hand to the page.

This is how we physically receive and release, via our hands.

I then used a big stamp with writing on it and randomly coated the whole page with the stamp in a dark blue ink (it’s hard to see in the picture).

Then I stamped “Receiving and Releasing” on the page at the top and bottom, outlining the Releasing. I pasted on various letters to symbolize words coming in and the two little cards are the books coming out.


I stamped one of the books with a stamp of fountain pens and added the words “inner life”. In the other “book” I added the words, “love your life”.

The whole process spoke to me of accepting your art and owning it and not being afraid to share it with others.

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  1. Hi, Judy! Very nice journaling page. I like the richness of textures in the blue background. Glad to see you also got out and about and took snow pictures! It **is** mandatory! And thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)


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