Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Journal Cover

This is the cover of my newest journal. It's a composition book I rescued from Texter's stack of unused notebooks. The cover work was actually done to cover up where she had written her name, but it also used up some of the "stuff" I had laying around.

The upper left corner is an ATC card I tried some acrylics on. I didn't realize until I glued it on the front there is a face on it. If you look really close the face is looking to the left and there is a lot of wild hair behind it.

The upper right hand side is a prepaid card for World of Warcraft. The girls started me on it and now it is a big stress release for me. The face further down is a polymer clay one I made when I was playing around with clay for the first time.

I wrapped a piece of Tyvek I had dyed and had cut a heart out of around the back of the notebook and filled in with some wrapping paper I liked and the front of a Christmas card I received. So, not a dime later and a little less in my stash, I have a new journal for a few days/weeks. The good thing is I have several other notebooks left I can do this too, so at least the first part of the year I am covered with journals.

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