Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Exploring Mandalas

With the snow on the trees outside, I snapped a couple of pictures from the comfort of my nice warm living room.  One of those I turned into a mandala to celebrate the snow.  Then, while laying down for my nap,  putting Lady K down for a nap, I thought about how the image changes depending on the number of sections I use to make the mandala.  So, while Lady K was quietly napping, I got up and used the same picture, but with a different number of sections for each picture.

This is the original mandala I created and it uses 8 sections to create.  I think it almost looks like a mouth ready to eat you (too much Syfi channel).

So I went back and this is the 6 section mandala.  I know what Savvy would say it looks like.

This one is 10 sections in total.

The above is 12 sections.  And I like how the edges are starting to get lacy looking.

This is the 16 section mandala.  It is hard to see in this picture, but the center is really lacy looking and more brown.  

Sometimes one of the most difficult choices I have to make is how many sections I want to use for the mandala.  As you can see, each option produces completely different results.  This is one reason I am going back with the extra fabric I have and make a one-block wonder quilt using octagons rather than hexagons.  Same fabric, completely different results.

Now, off to knit and study.

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