Thursday, January 16, 2014

January WIP or 'I Hate This Yarn!"

My white shawl.....sigh
Two skeins of lacy yarn....sigh
It's kicking my butt!

Personally, I think I have pixies which come in and rearrange the yarn on my needles during the night.  Once again I have ripped everything out and started over.  I am really determined to plow through and complete this shawl.  Or I will take the yarn out and beat it with a big stick in the back yard.  Completion sounds better than beating, so I will try and get my homework done so that I can work all day on it either Friday or Saturday and get this off my January list.

Monday, I don't have to work and neither does Texter, so I am hoping to get Grinch laid out so that I can start sewing the blocks together to get the top finished.

In the meantime, I am waiting to head out to the drugstore to get an eyeglass repair kit so that I can replace the lost screw in my current glasses.  I am using an old 'emergency' pair which are great as far as the lenses go.  However, if I remember correctly, I had fallen on them or they had taken a bad fall and are all 'wonky' as far as the frame goes and sit a bit crooked.  Only two months until my eye appointment and new glasses period!

Then there is this....

No, it's not my laundry, but my February project I want to start on.  I bought a huge trash bag full of men's dress shirts at a yard sale last year.  I pulled them out and washed them so they would be ready in February to be but up and used for a quilt I have in mind for Savvy's fiancĂ©.  How much more manly can you get for a quilt than dress shirts?  I think I even have the pattern in mind I want to use - but more about that next month.

So, now off to do homework, so I can beat the white yarn before it beats me!

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result (and the progress photos) of the quilt you are going to do with these shirts. There are some cool things to do with the cuffs too (on Pinterest) if you want any ideas.

    Just found your blog and I look forward to looking at your posts.


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