Saturday, January 04, 2014

Magazine Pet Peeve Unleashed

I enjoy flipping through magazines as much as the next person.  I particularly like 'O', 'Real Simple' and 'Martha Stewart Living'.  I don't often actually buy a copy of the magazines.  A favorite activity use to be going to the book store and buying a coffee and leafing through magazines on a leisurely  afternoon.  Can't do that here in Helena however.  No major bookstore in sight.

So when I saw this issue of 'Real Simple' at the grocery store, it seemed to have several articles I would be interested in.  I decided to splurge a bit and buy the issue.  Besides, it had orchids on the front.

Now I have to say up front, I realize that this particular magazine is not the only one guilty of what I am about to rant about.  They ALL do it.  Which is probably why I don't pay any attention to the fashion section of the magazines.  Come on, $500 jeans is just not in my budget.  I don't think I've spend $500 on all my jeans combined my whole life.  (And who decided skinny jeans looked good on everyone?)

The article which sparked me finally ranting out loud (and a letter to the editors) was one entitled, "Wardrobe for Life".  The premise is that depending on how you spend the majority of your day, this is how you should proportion your wardrobe (10% dressy/40% casual/50% work, etc.) and they pictured a sample outfit and of course, in the side bar, the cost and how you to can obtain these items and reproduce the outfit.  

As I said, the premise was sound, but what stopped me was the 'at home' outfit.  Per 'Real Simple' 
             "...It's easy to fall into a yoga-pants rut when you telecommute or take
              care of the kids.  What you could really use are styles that can multitask
              around the house as effectively as you do and look smart when you 
              venture out.  The gaol is an outfit that looks pulled-together but not overly 
              fussy, says Brown.  Mix up your rotation with flat boots, a chambray shirt, 
              and quality leggings." 

Then when you look at the pieces of clothing, the tunic they selected was SILK.  Really?  Silk?  For a stay at home mom?   Of course, it was cheap at only $195.  The total cost of this outfit is $1112.00.

The price tag for this one outfit is probably the combined total of both my complete wardrobe and Texter's.  And I do like the outfit, especially the cardigan.  But at $265...really?

So I went and totaled up the other outfits to see how they fared.

If you spend most of your time on your feet, the outfit above is for you.  At only $1459.50.

For the out-and-abouter, it will only cost you about $1200 to duplicate this little ensemble.

And for the office gal, this little outfit at $1217.00 is just the thing to make it through the day in the cubicles.

I will be the first person to admit that a nice outfit and/or clothes that make you feel good, so a lot for you mentally, as well as physically.  We all have those favorite pieces of clothing we wear until they fall apart.  I will also admit I am guilty of running around the house in yoga pants and old t-shirts for the majority of my time at home.  But $1112 on one outfit to make me feel better and look better? 

Now I realize that they probably don't really expect the average reader to try and buy the outfits.  But I just wish they had come up with outfits where they went to Target, Walmart, and Old Navy and put something together for about $100.  Now that would hold my interest and possibly my wallet.

But really, SILK?

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