Sunday, January 26, 2014

More or Less Fractured Grinch

I had all my blocks together, but needed assistant (or a second opinion) on how to lay out the top.  The original pattern calls for a 7 X 8 block quilt top.  Since I bought the fabric first and then decided on the pattern (and didn't want to buy more fabric), mine is going to be 5 x 8.  I had thought about turning it into 2 lap quilts, one for each of the girls.  But then I decided, "No", this one was for me.

Texter had me set out the 4 different blocks in a pile and hold onto our helper, Lady K.  She laid out the blocks according to the pattern and then set about doing some rearranging.  She does a good job on figuring things out like this.  

My design wall is downstairs and definitely not big enough to accommodate a 62 x 99 inch quilt top.  She laid out the blocks and then put down colored post-it-notes on the 4 different blocks.  That way she knew what she could exchange for what easily by just exchanging like colored notes.  (Rather smart of her, I think.)

Our goal was not to have groups of the same colored blocks.  And I think we accomplished that rather well.  Needless to say, this is a very bright quilt top.  What I have to do now is to figure out the remaining pieces and turn them into pinwheels which will probably go on the back which will have to be partially pieced.  And I have 1 block left over from the front which will also go on the back.  The fabric I have for the back is also "Grinch" flannel, but with large motifs which I didn't want to cut up for the front.  And I have another piece which I hope will be enough to fill in with and do the binding.

I ran outside with it and some binder clips and clipped it to the fence before it got too dark to take some pictures.  You can see it's going to be a pretty big quilt.

But piecing the top together was one of my January finishes, so I am successful there.  Now for February I will focus on the back and then in March quilting the huge thing.  I have only made one other quilt this large and I tied it, not quilted it.  So interesting times are ahead.


  1. This is going to be such a fun quilt. You have done a great job.

  2. Great job with your quilt. I love the beautiful colors.

  3. Congratulations! It is lovely!

  4. Meant for that to be an exclamation point. :-)

  5. That turned out REALLY cute!!! I love that block. Congrats on making your goal.


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