Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow and Homework

This week has been 'exciting' to say the least.  Texter was sent home from work on Saturday night, pale as a ghost.  She had been shaky and lightheaded and sweating as the night had gone on at McDonalds.  So Sunday morning, I took her into Urgent Care.  While they were checking her out, I had to go to work, so Gibbs came and subbed for me with Lady K.  However, Lady K decided that she wanted to perform a high dive out of her dad's arms onto the tile floor at the clinic.  Lady K now looks like Ricky Raccoon.  We  will know Friday if it is truly broken or not.

So there went my Sunday morning homework time.  Monday, before work (I had to empty the book drop as the library was closed on Monday) we took Lady K in for her first check with the pediatrician, who then forwarded her onto an ENT doctor on Friday.  In the meantime, Lady K is suppose to be sleeping with an adult since her breathing is a tad bit restricted.  

Tuesday morning, before work, was spent with Texter at the doctor for her.  Fasting blood sugar is 119 (Sunday) and 120 (Tuesday).  They are running some tests, but this might explain her headaches, fatigue, etc.  Hopefully, we will find out something today.

But I have gotten a bit of homework done today.  And I have the next 3 days off work, so my goal is to get finished by Saturday night.  I really, really want to get some sewing time in.  But here is an ad I had to do for my homework.  

While I am not checking as much off my 'things I need to do' list, at least it is moving forward.  Now to eat breakfast and get ready for work.  Through the snow today, but the rest of the week is suppose to be in the 40's, so it won't last long.

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  1. Hoping for a less exciting weekend for you! Hope all is getting back to normal.


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