Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Live is Crazy!

This is how I feel my life is going right now.  Not bad.  It's certainly 'colorful'.  But it's crazy and not at all the ROUTINE is was going for at the start of the year.  And I can't believe a month has gone by already!

But I have accomplished several things.  

Fractured Grinch top is complete.  That was one of my January goals.  And the 'Snowfall Shawl', which had been such a pain in the rear for me is complete and on it's way to Arizona.  My fingerless mitts had a few additional rows knitted, but not complete as I wanted them to be.  They are moving over to my February list of 'to-do's'.  Same with my block for the Joy quilt.  Couldn't quite get them done.  They too will be moving, along with the addition of February's block.

I have done more postings than usual this month, which is a plus for me.  I have planned menus and pretty well stuck to them throughout the month.  I have gone into the doctor for an annual checkup.  Mammogram and bone density tests tomorrow and a followup for all my results in February.  I am really happy to say, at 56, I am not on any medication, other than taking my Vitamin B and fish oil.  
Now if I can up my exercise daily.

Lady K and I are working on a 'plan' to regulate her bedtime.   So far, we have managed about an 830pm downtime and about a 6am uptime.  If we can just keep it up, then my sleep time will be better.  I installed a 'sleep app' on my phone to see how I actually sleep at night.  Last night was the first time I used it and I am at 88% efficiency for sleep.

So, deep breaths and calm thoughts and a prayer I can get my homework done by Sunday night!  

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