Monday, January 06, 2014

Winter is Coming - Montana Style

Last Friday started off blustery.  If blustery is what you call gale force winds.  I knew there was a 'wintery mix' approaching according to both the weatherman (who is all of about 20 years old here) and my headache.  So all Friday morning I watched the bird feeders twirl around like an out of control midway ride and the trees lay down from west to east.

About noon, you could see the approaching front in the clouds.

Despite the wind, the day had been sunny and then there was this line of clouds, all big and white and puffy with that hint of darkness behind them.

Then the clouds got bigger and puffier.  I was trying to stand in pretty much the same spot in the house to take the pictures to give an idea of what it was actually looking like outside.

The nice, white puffy clouds moved on by me to the south (the wind had changed from coming out of the west to out of the north) and their little, grey cousin came sneaking in.

And then the snow started.  Just a little bit fell during the afternoon.  Enough to coat things white, but not enough to really be impressive.  I'm getting use to it I think.  I don't have this urge to run and stock up on milk and toilet paper when it snows (around here I would have a closet full of toilet paper at this point).

Saturday morning the snow started again.  This time laying down some impressive amounts (by Southern standards), quickly covering up the dogs' prints on the patio where they had gone outside.

Ok, the roast went into the crock pot for dinner Saturday night and I was all warm and cozy inside, with no plans to venture out except to maybe take some pictures.  It was time to knit some. 

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