Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Finished Something!

I follow most of the blogs I am interested in on bloglovin.  And I have been bumming because between school, work, taxi service and little hands, my sewing machine is safely tucked away.  I haven't been doing anything fiber related.  Even my Dr. Who scarf is languishing in it's tote bag.

Then I came across this pattern by The Velvet Acorn and knew I had to knit one (or two) up.  I even wanted the plain cowl for me.  So off I splurged on the bigger needles and some Lion Brand Heartland Thick and Quick yarn for the fox and the canyon cowl.  A couple of nights of knitting (and watching The Blacklist on Netflix) and I had this...

The color, called Joshua Tree, is a deep olive green color.  And it still needs to be blocked and a button sewn on the tab in the front.  I have this great button that has a tree on it to sew on, but I need to find my needle and thread!  

The yarn is super soft and feels great.  Knitting was quick and easy.  The only change to the pattern I made was to turn it inside out and bind off with the kitchener stitch.  It made a nicer finisher than the job I do of seaming something knitted.  It only took a couple of nights of knitting to complete.

Next is the fox cowl for Savvy and then a pair of booties for Texter.  Lady K will probably get a fox too.


  1. You'll be ready for the cold weather! Looks great!

  2. That looks awesome! I so admire you for being able to create that. I am inspired. Perhaps one day I will learn to knit. The button sounds like a lovely finishing touch. Looks great!


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