Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prepping for NaNoWriMo

I have MUCH more at stake this November than making my 50,000 words or not.  I signed up and was selected as a Municipal Liaison (ML) for Montana for the 2014 NaNoWriMo.  And since I am the only one anywhere near Helena.....(evil laugh) it's all mine.

One of the things I need to do in my duties is to plan a few meet ups and write ins, an opening and closing event, and generally, get this area ready for a fun month of writing our hearts out.  I am very, very lucky in that I have the support of the library and our Adult Services librarian, so a lot of my finding out where to go and who to talk to is already done.

The other half of my 'job' in November is my own writing.  I think I might have an idea of what I am going to write about this year, but it is still swirling around in my brain with a couple of other ideas.

What I do know is that I have to send my "Inner Critic" on vacation during November.  And one way I thought about do so was to actually create a tangible picture of said critic.  I was going to draw my critic and have it where I could put it away for the month of November.  And I wondered what he/she would look like.  Then I remembered this character from "Monster Inc."

Yep, Roz..that gravelly voice, paper pushing pain in Mike's ass.  See, she is even holding a pencil.  After I grabbed this image from the site, I realized she looked an awful like Mrs. Sutton, one of the senior English teachers in high school.

Mrs. Sutton taught the 'regular' English classes - in other words, non-honors classes.  I sat through two years of her classes because I was her teacher's assistant.  She was also the journalism sponsor and as editor of the paper - there I was.  And I can tell you, she was much, much tougher than the Honors English classes I was in.  She taught The Canterbury Tales in the Old English and you had to not only discuss it, but memorize and recite in front of the class.  I sweated for those kids in her class.  But she had the glasses, a dowager's hump and gray hair, pulled back in a bun.  Tall and skinny, she was Roz.

I have to send her on vacation in November for two reasons.  The first, I really don't want her correcting my English while I am writing whatever it is I am writing.  Secondly, I don't want her option of the events which come together by me.  I have enough 'everybody is going to laugh at/hate me' anyway without her two cents worth.

So "Roz Sutton", Inner Critic, is going on vacation in November.  Probably someplace warm.

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  1. I suggest the Antarctic, hear is close to their summer.


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