Thursday, September 11, 2014

Moon-set on Pre-Harvest Moon

With the dogs restless at about 5:40 a.m., I pulled on my sweats and leashed them up for an early morning 'p & p' run.  A month ago, I would be in daylight, but it was still dark Monday morning.  As I patiently (and half asleep) waited for them to finish up, I noticed the setting moon - very full, very round, very yellow, very pretty....

And it was setting behind the hills across from the apartment.  Actually, when I first saw it, the moon was still up.  It took me and the dogs a bit to get inside and grab the camera and get onto the balcony without waking Lady K.

Then I started writing this post and wanted to know a little about what this moon was called, and came across this article.  I was just going to link it, but then in reading the article I had to start laughing.

I bet you didn't know this!  According to the article.....

"Any full moon, but especially supermoons, look their biggest when they rise. The moon always rises in the east."

So the Harvest Moon, as this moon is called, rose in the East and set in the West.  I wonder, with the lunar eclipse next month, where the moon will rise. 

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