Friday, February 05, 2016

Addictions and Bee Hive Swap Progress

Hello, my name is Judy and I have an addiction.  I have become addicted to swaps and 'AL's' (alongs).  And then I find one more.  How could you not want to participate in something called A Splendid Sampler?

Tons of different designers.  Lots of different techniques to use.  30-35 fat quarters of fabric.  Yummy.

So I am pondering if I want to participate or not.  Having seen my Hive Leader's aqua and gray combination, I am leaning toward using this combination in the quilt, if I decide to go along with it.

Sorry for the bit of blurriness in the pictures.  That's what you get when you take pictures rather than going to bed and waiting until the next morning.

The top block is the one I'm keeping (I like to make duplicates during swaps).  I had a repeat in the fabric by accident.  The bottom one is the one I sent off for the swap.

Right now, I have the following in 'active' process...

  • Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - I have some 4 patches to finish up so I can put the blocks together.  I need to just sit down and start sewing the 'boring' part and get it out of the way.
  • Bee Hive Swap - done for the month
  • RSC16 - awaiting the announcement of the block for February.  Have the browns all picked out and ready to go.  Once this is done, then I can do my scrap strip in brown.
  • Farmer's Wife - so far behind and need to sit down and start cranking out blocks 
  • Modern HST - awaiting the next block (which will be next week)
  • La Pass - definitely on the back burner
And now I am considering adding the Splendid Sampler!  (Oh, and to make this better, I have a friend who is encouraging me to get involved with this summer's Row-By-Row so we can do a quilt hop around Montana!)

Did I mention I have Elizabeth Hartman's Foxes and Cats in the works?  I have been cutting strips, getting ready to sit down and crank out some fox faces and cat faces.

Texter picked out fabrics she wanted for fox faces.  I will sew those up and then see how many more I need for the twin size quilt.  As I sew those, I will be getting all scrappy with the cat faces.  And I still have the Forest Fancy to do!  But Foxes and Cats first.  Tons of strips to cut first, but at least once that is done, it will be a simple process to make the faces.

So as you can see, I have a problem.  Too many quilts and not enough time!

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