Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Good Day - Several Projects Done

I had several 'little' projects on my list to do.  A couple of them required I get a staple gun.  

So gun in hand (and Texter appeared out of nowhere when she heard the first staple going in and she took over on one project), I had gotten the stretcher bars a few days ago, and stretched a piece of Hoffman digital print fabric and made this...

It's 32 X 40 and for under $30 I have this huge picture now hanging over the couch in the living room.  Really makes the wall.  Now I need to get the panel for London and Paris and do the same to them.

The second job was more important.  I wanted to redo the flannel and hang it so I could use both boards.  Each half is 32 X 38 inches.  So now I have a board 64 X 38 for displaying blocks as I make them.  Hopefully, my job of hanging them keeps them on the wall.  Just don't look at the back!

With the boards done, I pulled out the blocks for the RSC16 Sampler and sewed them together into the rows.  Can't wait to see March's strip and what the final quilt will look like.

After all of this (and mopping the living room floor) and taking Savvy to the spa to sit in the sauna and try and get the gunk out of her head, I succumbed to the Splendid Sampler.  I was just going to look, but the first block was so cute.  And I am not really an appliqué person.  So I got sucked in.  Especially when I have 25 fat quarters of the Tula Pink Eden line coming in a couple of weeks.

Not the greatest job and it's not squared up yet, but I used some of the Elizabeth line to fussy cut the heart.  I'm happy with the results.

So all-in-all a good day with several items off my list.  Now for today!

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  1. Nice work! It always makes me feel super productive to finish a project. :) And when it's one you can see in your living room every day, that's even better!


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