Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trying to Be An Adult Here

This is why it's so hard for me at times to be an 'adult' and make 'adult' decisions.  Decisions like how many QAL and KAL and 'any-alongs' I need/want to participate in.

I am really up to my eyes in WIP's and UFO's of all varieties.  And I just added a day long class on the Cleopatra's Fan pattern which I had pinned to Pinterest.  So why have I spent the past few days worried about the fabric I might need to participate in The Splendid Sampler?

After all, I have just started on fox faces with cat faces to follow.  Eighty foxes to be precise.  And the 'bad' thing about it is once I make a face, I then have two HST's to use.  After all, they are too big to throw away.  So that will be 160 HST's to use.

This is not mentioning the costumes I have to get ready in about 3 months.  Ssssooooo.....

I am going to try and be an adult.  I will just lurk and stalk the site and maybe do the blocks which really present an interesting technique.  Maybe....

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