Sunday, February 28, 2016

Still Seedy

So, what didn't get planted last Sunday?

Carrots - a rainbow blend (for you know who)

Cucumber - Muncher
Peas - Tom Thumb Shell Pea and Oregon Sugar Pod II
Radish - White Icicle and Roxanne Hybrid
Squash - Little Dipper Hybrid (a smaller butternut variety) and Lakota Winter
Pumpkins - Jarrahdale (a blueish-green/grey pumpkin which is suppose to have a shorter growing season) and Small Sugar (screw jack-o-lanterns, I want to cook with them!)
Watermelon - Kleckley's Sweet (a heirloom melon - sorry, can't give up my Southerness and watermelons!)

Now for the real reason I started seed shopping - TOMATOES!

I have started my little Red Robin already and have a Snow White Cherry I picked up at the Museum of the Rockies with some other seeds.  But the real ones I wanted were all from the Dwarf Tomato Project of which I did some early testing over the years.

I love these plants.  Three to four feet tall, great in pots and stocky stems.  

This is a picture of one of the dwarf tomatoes back in 2011 I was growing and you can see it's covered in tomatoes.

But the dwarf tomatoes I picked to try here in Montana (based on suggestions by Craig too) are as follows:

  • Yukon Quest
  • Sleeping Lady
  • Wild Fred
  • Iditarod Red
  • Russian Swirl
  • Mr. Snow
  • Purple Heart
  • Lemon Ice
  • Kelly Green
  • Emerald Giant
  • Arctic Rose
  • Chocolate Lightning
As you can tell from some of the names, there were a few which were tested in Alaska, so I have hopes they will do well in Montana.

Actually, I fell to the planting bug and started 6 of each of the tomatoes on Friday.  Since I only have 20 seeds of each (except for Chocolate Lightning, where I only had 10 and planted them all), I started 6-8 of each, leaving plenty for replanting.

My goal is to get a couple of each for myself and then hand out the remaining to unsuspecting friends.  

I also fell victim to planting 3 elephant garlic cloves in a large container and added White Radishes on top.  Will see how that goes.

And the pumpkins and squash also got planted on Friday.  Or at least a few of the seeds did.  Once again, planted about 6-8 of each and then have some for (1) next season or (2) replanting.

An update later in the week!

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