Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week in Review - February 21 - 27

After letting it sit for a few weeks, I decided to unravel it.  The sock, made with two strands of yarn, was too bulky.  While I like the pattern, I didn't like how it came out.  So rather than waste more yarn and time on something I didn't like and probably wouldn't wear, I am using the yarn for something else.  Of course, it is proving a bear to unravel.  Figures.

But on an up-note, I did finish this...

So now I have the unicorn and giraffe hats done.  I have to say this was a fun and quick project and I like the quality of the yarn.  I would recommend this to anyone wanting a cute hat for a kid.  Two projects off my to-do list.

Also this past week I spent 3 hours 'playing' in a friend's studio.  She calls it working, but I come home with stacks of fabric and I get to organize someone, so for me it's fun.  I also came home with these pieces from a quilt she had started some time ago and no longer wanted.  I snatched it up as it would be welcome in my house.

Most of it are pieces of the panels cut up.  There are two pieces of fabric which I will be getting from her I plan on using as sashing and backing.  Now I have to figure out a layout for the pieces.

Otherwise this week:
  • Planted seeds
  • Signed up for the Big Stitch Swap 2
  • Mailed out my Liberating Your Art package for the swap
  • Books - 1 finished
  • Posts written - 4
  • Walked 51,783 steps or 74% of goal.  Only 23.68 miles
  • Postcard out to friend
For the upcoming week:
  • Monthly review and plans for March
  • Update planner and some journaling
  • Menu planning and grocery shopping
  • Greenhouse work at Tizer Gardens (hopefully)
  • Sleep Yoga class
  • Serger practice
  • Letter in mail to friend
Off for another cup of coffee and some breakfast!

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