Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Books and Puppets

When Savvy and Texter were young, a trip to Barnes and Noble or Borders for a few hours was a treat.  I could bribe reward them with a promise of a book.

So fast forward a couple of decades and Lady K has stepped into the family tradition.  This time she plays she is going to 'work' at the library 'like grandma'.  I get requests for puppets and she has learned how to work the children's computers and play with the trains at the library.

And now, the library has a program "1000 Books Before Kindergarten".  The premise is to promote reading for little ones.  And she also wants to read in bed before we turn out the light, like grandma.

Last night, I brought home Where Does Rabbit Live? by Lizelot Versteeg (guess this fits my translation category in book bingo too!)  It's a large board book with 400 animal drawings and they are suppose to find Rabbit.  Needless to say, it's a hit.

She didn't want me reading it to her, she wanted to read it to me.  And Aunt Savvy.  And then continue to read it.  To the point she fell asleep. 

One minute there was chatter and then silence.  Her legs propping up the book.  When we pulled the book away, those little hands were still gripping it.  And the cat puppet we brought home from the library nestled beside her.

I love it at three years old she loves books like she does.

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