Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week In Review - March 20 - 26

It's been another 'weird' week.  One of those weeks where I couldn't quite get back into step, even though I did do a lot.  

For one thing, I realized today my Fitbit was not charged and had not recorded steps for Thursday through Saturday.  Bummer!

And weather has been up and down all week, with the coming week suppose to be "down".  As in we were suppose to make a couple of day trips, which instead will be spent at home, cleaning the basement out.

What I did manage to accomplish over the past week...
  • Started my swap item for the Big Stitch 2 swap
  • Cut out "Harley" and ready to start on it
  • Quick 1.5 mile hike with a friend on one of the many trails around town
  • Attended a poetry workshop led by Earl Craig, the Montana poet laureate
  • Started my Knit/Swirl sweater
  • Celebrated Lady K's third birthday, complete with a cedar playhouse (now in the living room corner until weather warms up)
  • Finished 5 books
  • Organized my seeds rather than just throwing them in a box
  • Tried a couple of new recipes which 'worked' for the family
  • Wrote 5 posts

The coming week:
  • Get my Bee Hive block in the mail along with some postcards
  • Take care of cats for a friend who is in warm California at Disneyland
  • Clean out the basement with Savvy and Texter and get items to the thrift store
  • Polish 2500 words of Seedcrone and send to Miscon panel to critique
  • Finish up my Big Stitch swap item
  • Work on Knit/Swirl sweater
  • Set up book display at the library (lots of origami butterflies to be made)
  • Plant more seeds and transplant some seedlings

So off to refresh my coffee and think about what I want to make for Easter breakfast.

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