Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gardening Progress

And the transplanting has begun!

Something (and I suspect one certain cat) has been nibbling the tops off some of my dwarf tomatoes.  So Sunday I transplanted my Red Robin tomatoes along with four out of 6 Arctic Rose Dwarf tomatoes which survived 'beheading'.

Thursday will be the day I can pick up some compost/potting soil and start transplanting more things.  The cilantro and dill need to be moved to something larger.

My Rainbow Swiss Chard could use some moving and my squashes need to be 'relocated' along with the Mammoth Sunflowers.

There is some lettuce needing more room.  The African violet I am trying to 'save' where it broke off from the plant at the library seems to be doing ok.  Of course, I stuck it in the pot where I had also thrown some hollyhock seeds.  But my poor rosemary isn't taking being moved from where it was rooted in water to soil.

While transplanting, I also planted some more different squashes, cucumbers and melons.  I also am trying starting corn inside to move outside.  According to several YouTube sources (and we all know how reliable they can be) say you can do it.  Will see how it works out.  I will transplant some corn and then sow seed at the same time and hopefully will have an extended harvest of corn.

My problem now is I am running out of room on tables!

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