Sunday, March 06, 2016

Week In Review - February 28 - March 5

  • Trip to ER with Lady K running 103 temp...she's ok...turns out she had Hand, Foot and Mouth and was out of daycare for the week.  Which meant Texter was out of school for the week.
  • Monthly goals reviewed and set for March
  • Picked up my new glasses (picture on another post - maybe)
  • With Savvy's help, got the carpet and padding to the dump (two loads in the station wagon)
  • Cleaned up my sewing area only to have it 'uncleaned' with table rearranging - no fabric play this week!
  • Sleep Yoga workshop - utilizing yoga and herbs and other practices to help fall asleep and stay asleep
  • Looks like I will be helping with a community garden area and have my own 'plot'
  • Books - 3 finished, including 24 hours of audio on a Brandon Sanderson book.  Started the second book in series and it's 28 hours!
  • Walked 60,000 or 87% of my weekly goal, 27.71 miles (and most of that up and down stairs yesterday
  • Wrote 4 posts
But the BIG thing, beyond Lady K being under the weather, was removing two rooms of wall shelves, a huge storage closet and honking, heavy, huge desk from a coworker's new home and bringing it to our house.  Warning - give Texter a drill and tell her to 'tear it down' and it's done!  We/She dismantled the closet and desk and I lugged them up a flight of stairs and loaded them into the car.  And yes, it was a full load, but we got it all home and unloaded onto the front porch.  The whole exercise - 2 hours!  We got a load of freebie stuff and the new house for my coworker is decluttered and ready for her to paint.

And the biggest surprise was when I got home from my Sleep Yoga workshop, the huge desk was up and operational.  I have about twice the space now that I did have.  It's huge!  So now Texter can bring out her books and work at the desk and watch Lady K and have plenty of room to spread out.

For today and the rest of the week:
  • Hang a set of the shelves in the kitchen for teapots, pitchers and cereal boxes
  • Get the rest of the shelves and closet into the basement until Savvy cleans up her room and we can get the closet up there for her
  • PRINCESS TEA today! Tiara here we come!
  • Await two Etsy packages and then add a couple of things and get it out for the Chaotic Goddess Handmade Swap.
  • Rearrange tables in the kitchen
  • Do my Bee Hive Swap block for March and get it in the mail
  • Work in the greenhouse at Tizer Gardens planting seeds
  • Catch up on the Modern HST and the RSC16 blocks
  • Play with the serger and see how it works
  • Get some reading and writing done

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