Thursday, March 03, 2016

Seedy Update

It's been a couple of weeks since I have gotten on the 'dirty' bandwagon and 'soiled' my hands, so I thought an update was in order.  

This is the table.  While I had this grand idea of everything on the card table, I have started spilling over onto the table where the cat's eat.  They have gotten back at me with a couple of paw prints in the seeding mix.

I had this idea of trying my hand at growing more garlic indoors.  I picked up 3 cloves of elephant garlic (at Walmart of all places) and put them in the pot.  Since there was all this space at the top, I threw in the White Lightning Radishes.  As you can tell by the clumping, I did literally throw it in them in the pot.  I won't mention while researching another plant, I saw Youtube videos on growing ginger in pots indoors.  So I ran to the fridge and broke off some of the ginger root and threw it in a pot too.  Texter just shakes her head at me.

These are the two containers with my mini-greens and the sweet salad mixes of greens.  They are a little leggier than I might have wanted, but will see how they continue to grow.

This is a tray of miscellaneous seeds.  At the far, left hand side are my precious Red Robin tomatoes. More spinach and lettuces growing.  These I would like to set out in the yard.  Some onions in the near right area, for green onions.  

These are my herbs and they are coming up nicely.  Several different basils, dill, cilantro, thyme all seem to be chugging right along.  Lots of herbs to share.

A couple of additions this week include "George" and "Grace".

George is the Super Dwarf Banana Tree and Grace is my Meyer Lemon I have been wanting for ages.  Grace has flowers and baby lemons on her already.  Keeping my fingers crossed the lemons will stay on after the trauma of the move across country.  George will be repotted this summer into a larger pot to encourage him to make baby bananas.  But as he has a 'brother' in the pot with him, I am waiting a bit.  Right now they are in a mainly west facing window.  But my living room gets plenty of light all day.  So hopefully they will be happy there until it warms up enough they can go outside for the summer.

And finally, this lovely brushed metal bird feeder.  It's huge!  And since it's divided on the inside, I can actually put two different bird foods in there.  It's hanging on the front porch and hopefully the birds will discover it shortly.  There is a lot of food for them to eat.

My next 'planting' will be some potatoes in containers.  I have grown them in the ground, so am interested in seeing how they do in containers.  I have some 'dates' at Tizer Gardens to help out planting and cleaning in the near future.

But keep your fingers crossed for me.  I have put in for a Garden Manager position at one of the community gardens in Helena.  About 5 minutes from me (by car unfortunately), but one of the perks is a plot or two free to use.  I can't wait to see the outcome.  That means I wouldn't have to rush getting all the garden areas set up in my yard and would have even more room to grow stuff.  And the extras can go to the food bank.

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