Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bicycling Update

Well, I have walked/rode 100 miles so far this ‘month’ (which ends on the 17th) and still have a few days left.  Don’t think I will make ride 150 miles this month though.

But riding the bike is fun.  Last week I got a “Bueno, Bueno” and thumbs up from the leave blower guy at the auto dealership  I ride past.  Don’t know if it was for (1) I was riding a bike rather than driving, (2) made it up the hill without having a heart attack or (3) red-faced 50 year old women turn him on.  Whatever his reason it did make my day.

Then yesterday on my way to work, the big truck driver who was loading up cars in the middle of the street hollered at me to watch out.  Seems he had been almost run over 3-4 times already that morning and he’s beside this huge semi.  So nice he was worried about the bike rider.

Other than that, it’s going to be a lazy day.  Hopefully, will make it out to Farmer’s Market with a co-worker.  Maybe peaches are starting to come in.  Cross my fingers.

Need to get some updated tomato pics as they are about twice their height.  Right now, if the red and yellow cherry tomatoes produce all the tomatoes they have blossoms for, they have paid for themselves.

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