Friday, June 26, 2009

Old versus New Authors

I love old authors.  I don’t mean ‘old’ as in decades lived, but old as in number of books written.  There is nothing better than discovering an author, really liking their style, and being able to go back and read several other books by them (and if it is a series, I can read books out of order).  Then they can be added to my ‘watch for’ list once I’ve exhausted all their previous literary offerings.

New authors, while nice to discover, are those with only one book out.  So you read their book, are dying for more, and there is nothing.  You have to wait until they publish their next book.  You're left hanging.  You can’t go back and read (or re-read_ their older publications while you anticipate their next book.

Jane Green is one of the new ‘old’ authors I’ve found.  Beach House was wonderfully written.  Several seemingly separate characters, all wrapping around and entwining to a wonderful conclusion.  I want to be Nan.

beach house

She has a ton of books, so now it is off to the library to get the rest of them.  They will be wonderful summer reads.  (Update:  I have requested the books from the library and I have a whole stack of Jane Green sitting by my bed and have polished off 2 in 3 days.)

Another author I have recently discovered is Janet Chapman.  Don’t know how she escaped my reading lineup with her “highlander” books. 



Still have a couple of books to track down and then I’ll have to wait for a new one.

So many books, so little time.

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