Saturday, June 20, 2009


I received flowers last week from a really nice customer.


And it rode home in my bicycle basket!  Thanks to some of my co-workers who offered to take it home for me since I was on my bike.  But no, The Blue Bomber can handle it.  Thank goodness for those errand running size baskets.

I have my own flowers growing.



And my tomatoes are taking over the corner.


It won’t be much longer before I will start getting some cherry tomatoes.  I am disappointed in my dwarf tomatoes.  Only 1 of the 2 plants has blooms and they have not set fruit yet.  Maybe they will come along.  

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  1. The flowers are beautiful....what a lovely gift...and the plants...thriving from love...
    Your daughter looks that dress!! and life is good when riding a bike...
    Thank you for all that you are...and all that you share....
    Artfully Yours....


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