Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Do You Do When You Have 4 Teeth Extracted?

First off, mom here makes sure the pain killer prescriptions are filled before the teeth are removed.  Mom here also wishes they would give the care-giver some drugs also.  Mom here also remembers when she had her wisdom teeth extracted and her mom had to stop with her by the bathroom before leaving the oral surgeon’s office.  Mom here only had to make sure OD made it up 2 flights of stairs.

But 36 hours later, OD is still not too wild about talking.  Or eating.  Instead we piled up on my bed and watched…..



Ok, you have to be just a, well, geek to really like it.  Thought it might be a little stupid, but a good movie.  Premise….Star Wars nuts go to break into Skywalker Ranch to see Star Wars I.  If you know anything about Star Wars, it was actually the 4th movie released, about a million years after the first 3.  On the way they run into Star Trek fans.

If you watched either one of the series, the references to the originals are great.  It wasn’t a spoof of Star Wars/Star Trek, but a homage, a pilgrimage.  A good movie for a hot summer night when you really don’t want to go do anything.

Only problem with the movie, laughing makes OD’s face hurt.  So does watching mom here eat the chocolate covered raisins….which is what you do at the movies isn’t it?

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