Sunday, June 28, 2009

Technology Driven

For want of a cord….

I have cords for everything - cell phone rechargers, MP3 players, cameras. Each and every one takes a completely different style cord. Nothing is interchangeable. You can’t cross utilize. So when you lose one, you’re…well…screwed.

OD’s camera is a prime example. My computer – the main computer – does not have a slot to accept the memory card used in her camera. We have ‘misplaced’ the USB cord to connect the camera to the computer to download. Since my camera does not do video (and is older and heavier – wait – that’s me!) and I have done several events on her camera, I have had to order a new cord.

This is operating under the principle once the new one arrives I’ll find the old one which I have been looking for for months. Then I can download all the pictures and videos I’ve taken on her camera over the past month.

I could actually download it all onto the laptop. My problem is transferring the videos. The pictures I can move over, but the videos – nope. But you know what creatures of habit we are. It has to be on MY COMPUTER!

So I ordered and waited for Nikon to send me a new cord. To go with all the other cords . To go into the drawer of cords. And it arrived. I downloaded and now there are videos out there to watch of her scene from “Ugly” and parts of the graduation ceremony. All is right in the world. We have achieved cordage.

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