Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I have babies!

Tomatoes that is.


This is my Sweet Million cherry tomato plant (4 feet tall now…must get taller stick).

My Red Robin in the small pot has babies too.


In fact, it has a lot of little ones on it.  My Sungold has tiny, tiny babies.  My two dwarf tomato plants are just now really blooming, so it shouldn’t be much longer before they too have babies.


My morning glory vines are putting out flowers.  I just need to train them better up the railing.  I did put out a couple of strings for them to twine up, but need more.  Think I am going to run a couple of lengths of string for the tomatoes and train them up the string rather than finding a stake.

The balcony is becoming a nice, green oasis for me.  Herbs are growing nicely and are fragrant when touched.  It is really nice to walk out and snip a little of this and that when needed.

Now where is my ice tea and book?  

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  1. Can I join you in you lovely green and aromatic hide a way? Sounds so lovely!


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