Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Last Month of Summer Plans

July has been busy. Very busy. I think.

One day I think we haven't done a thing except sit around the house and the next day I feel all we have done is run around. 

But going through my July goals, I realized I have been fairly productive.

  • Texter has NaguCon and I am the babysitter (3 days) - done and over with
  • Symphony in the Park with the 'gang' - didn't go between the heat, rain and busy schedule
  • Copper K Fiber Festival and a drop spindle class - did and LOVED it
  • Two hikes - one with Lady K and Texter and one without - only did one. It has gotten too hot.
  • Staying up on the Almond Country Quilt and the Batman Quilt - staying right on target
  • GYM! - hahahahaha
  • Reading (or listening to audio books) - doing a lot of both
  • T-ball and second round of swim lessons - T-ball over and so will the third round of swim lessons shortly
  • Phillipsburg (candy) and Gem Mountain day trip - not yet...too hot and smoky
  • Finish knitting Mystery Wrap, Trout Creek Shawl and one pair of socks (have one sock done!) - well, socks are done
  • Start on (and hopefully complete the top for) the Queen of Ween and the Disney Villains quilts. I have one top designed and the other I am using a Moda pattern on - nope
  • Help/participate in a cleanse with Savvy while she is on vacation (of course, this is after the trip to the sweet shop - started and interrupted due to a hornet sting on Savvy's calf
  • Couple of hikes with the hiking group - TOO DAMN HOT!
  • Taking a "Birds of a Feather" quilt block class - nope
  • Texter taking her driving test for her learner's permit now that a replacement birth certificate has arrived - couldn't get in until August

Most of my 'not done's' have been because it's just so hot here. And smoky. Overall, I'm pleased with my progress.

For August...

  • Stay on target and finish the tops for the Batman and Almond Country Quilts
  • Make the Disney Villains and Queen of Ween Quilt tops
  • Start on the Pride and Noodle Box quilts
  • Read and listen to audio books
  • Do 12 Skillshare tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Finish up the Joji Mystery Wrap and the Trout Creek shawl
  • Attend Shakespeare in the Park
  • Get Texter and Lady K ready to start school at the end of the month
  • Volunteer at Brewfest for Texter and I (babysitters already lined up for the day)
  • Attend the Gulch Distillery's Ginger Beer workshop
  • Hike Morrrell Falls
  • Watch the Solar Eclipse (won't really have a chose as we are at 95% here in Helena)
  • Texter's driving test to get her beginner's permit
  • Orchid Society Meeting and volunteering to help with the show and sale in September
  • Practice my drop spindle yarn spinning

I am trying so hard not to get the Jen Kingwell Gypsy Wife Pattern. There is a QAL going on and I have had this quilt on my radar for ages. Trying to be strong!

So off to start August with a bang!


  1. Um, I'll definitely be following along for August. I'm looking forward to the Disney Villains quilt top. Huge Disney fan here, so I love to see a fellow blogger working on a Disney project. Happy sewing! --Andrea

  2. You are so busy! But it all sounds amazing, creative, and fun. Good luck with August's aims!


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