Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week In Review - August 6 - 12

Ok, I'm not as young as I use to be.

I'm blaming the smoke!

Today (Sunday) is a really, really slow start, just creeping along, after a really, really busy Saturday.

Anyway (pause for more coffee)...

This week has been filled with 'Queen of Ween' quilt. It's going to be huge! As in hanging over the sides of a queen size bed.

This becomes...


And I still have two more strips to put on either side. But I must say I am well pleased with the results so far and 'planning' out the top has made it easier. Normally, I would probably have just winged it, but I sat down and drew it out on Illustrator on a grid so I knew the width of the strips between blocks. So far I have also been able to get by with just the fabric I purchased not knowing what I was going to be doing with it. Once finished, I think I will only have to buy a bit of fabric for the border (have some already, need to add to it) and then the back of the quilt. The binding I think I will make a scrappy binding out of all the scraps I have left over.

But Saturday was the BIG day this week. 

First, we started out with the Fun Run for Lady K. Texter and Lady K met up with Jacob and Jordyn, children of a friend, and they did the run together and then hit all the booths set up. I was a bit under the weather and opted to stay home and rest up for the afternoon. This is what met me when I picked them up to come home for lunch...

Lady K had a full face paint job of Hello Kitty. It was a bit disconcerting to talk to her. And she was not pleased at having to come home, even for a little bit.

Then we reunited her with her 'husband' (long story) and off they went so Texter and I could do our volunteer duty with the Montana Brewfest.

Yes, I realize getting 'paid' to pour beer and taste all the beer you want, along with a free t-shirt and souvenir glass isn't really 'volunteer' work, but it is so much fun! Savvy had to work (she usually does it with me), so Texter came for her first time.

And I think it's worth mentioning, Texter and I aren't beer drinkers. You could put all the beer we consume into a six-pack and still have empty cans during the course of a year. THIS is where I sample beer.

I was a pourer for Beehive Basin Brewery in Big Sky, Montana. After meeting up with Andy and crew (sorry, I forgot his name) I sampled the three beers they brought. First off, I am normally not a "hoppy" girl, but I really enjoyed their Mosiac Pale Ale. BUT...the one I fell in love with and wanted to bring home with me, was their 50 Caliber Coffee Porter. I was calling it my 'breakfast beer' because it smelled like a rich cup of coffee and tasted like one too! This one had people coming back to our booth.

Next to our booth, was one of the volunteers visiting from South Africa. There were 3 gentlemen who happened to be in town and their friend brought them along to volunteer. Oh, the beautiful accents they had!

Despite the smoky conditions in Montana these days, the afternoon/evening was really nice. Not too hot or windy. A nice crowd and good music too.

Love the swag and need to put in my "Montana" scrapbook. I will miss this event.

Otherwise this past week...

  • 'Macbeth' in the park with Savvy
  • 'You Never Can Tell' in the park on Tuesday
  • Texter picked up her textbooks for the Fall semester
  • Babysat while Texter set up for orientation and led an orientation group two days
  • Finished 4 books
  • Advised I won in a notebook giveaway from Notebook Stories

The coming week...

  • Game of Thrones marathon today with Texter (she needs to see Season 6)
  • Knitting something mindless today
  • Texter takes her written driver's test Monday so she can get her Learner's permit and start driving with me in the car
  • Orchid Society meeting to talk about tasks for the sale and show in September
  • Eclipse program at the library
  • Massage on Friday
  • Ginger Beer class with Gulch Distillery and Savvy on Saturday
  • Couple of days babysitting while Texter 'orientates' again

And a TON of books to be reading on. I am in the 'if you don't hook be immediately, I'm dropping you' mood too.

So a busy week under the very smoky Montana skies.

I need more coffee!

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