Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mandala Monday - It's All Material!

It's all about the fabric!

After catching up on my Almond Country Beauty blocks and the accompanying companion Batman quilt, I pulled out all 18 blocks made so far (9 per quilt).

I finished up Week 6 of the 12 week project and am staying caught up. So I thought, since they are round and 'mandala-like' I would combine a post on my progress with my Mandala Monday post. (The heat has fried my brain, so I couldn't think of two separate posts!)

Since I am using fabric from my stash for this quilt, I am using yellows for the background on the arches and then the white/blue fabric for the outer arch and center of the circle. I only have a limited amount of it and need to stretch it out to the end.

I also love how the black and red on the split spikes really looks good. 

While this is not how they are assembled in the quilt, it's going to be a really bright quilt and a fun one. Texter is loving it. But I can see where I will need to do some juggling and planning when it comes to laying out the quilt and to remember to mix up my yellow background more. Once again, the yellow is from my stash and trying not to have to go look for 'more'.

But not to be forgotten is the Almond Country Beauty itself.

Every week I wince at the fabrics as I pull them out of the bag to be used. By the time I finish the block I am in love with them. I guess one of the big advantages to participating in this BOW is using fabrics I wouldn't ordinarily pick for myself. I do try to separate the purple/blue fabrics from the orange ones and use those together. It will be interesting to see the final quilt top. 

I am saving the scraps (of course!) from the quilts and will probably figure out how to make some kind of string quilt with them. Or just through them into my scrap bin for a future string quilt.

So nine blocks made so far and 6 more weeks of making them. Staying on track will score me the border kit FREE! Incentive if nothing else.

Note: pictures were taken on my 'design floor' as I don't have a design wall these days. With the assistance of Lady K.

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