Saturday, July 29, 2017

Verde Day!

When the only thing really growing in your garden are these...

What do you do?


You go to the store, purchase a couple pounds of tomatillos to make some salsa verde for Savvy!

It seems my Anaheim peppers are going very well. At first, I was going to make some chopped chiles to use in future recipes, but then I switched plans.

My recipe...

Another 'let's just wing it' idea. 

I have never made salsa verde before, and I don't really eat it myself. But Savvy loves it on a lot of things. I looked over several recipes, picked one, switched gears to another, and basically punted.

I did 'char' both the peppers and the tomatillos in the oven and then chopped/pureed them in my blender, adding garlic, onion, fresh cilantro (which I can't stand), fresh oregano (from my garden), cumin, salt, some water and fresh lime juice. And let it simmer for a bit to reduce it down a bit.

The results...

Three and a half pints of salsa verde. The half pint...

Was snagged by Savvy on her way out the door, back to work after lunch, to give to a co-worker to try.

Later in the day, I bagged up a jar of the salsa verde, some tortillas, chips and cheese and took it to her for dinner. They are working insane hours this week as it is the big local rodeo event of which Jensen Jewelers presents rings for the winner. And they have a booth at the fair.

I was worried it wouldn't be any good, or at least so-so. And then Savvy sent me these pictures...

Not only did she like the salsa at work, but it went to the fair!

They had tickets to a box at the rodeo and she snuck it in to eat with her meal there.

So I guess my 'punting' worked! 

Now for the next round of excess peppers!

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