Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week of July 16 -22

Boy, once again a hot and busy week.

And I think I am becoming a true Montanan. I described the 'wind' we had the other day to someone as a 'nice breeze'. 

But this week I managed to get my blocks done for the Almond Country Quilt early.

My ginger, which finally shoved it's little head above the soil line last week, is now growing by leaps and bounds.

I need to report one of my orchids to see if it 'helps' it or not.

But the highlight of the week was this...

A wonderful Saturday afternoon, sitting on Ms Oklahoma's patio in her beautiful garden, chatting and pass the day. Ms Montana has just started a new dream job and we had to get all the details after a tour of the garden.

Beautiful flowers (and plans for more) and lovely hidden treasures.

And some cherry lemonade to beat the heat. It was really nice though on the patio as it was shady and there was a 'nice breeze'.

Otherwise this past week...

  • Worked on the design for Savvy's Pride Quilt
  • Finished 5 books
  • Watched the last week of the Tour de France ( more dedicated knitting time)
  • Lady K finished up her "EEL" swim lessons. Will have to repeat (but it seems they all do)
  • A visit to the BIG POOL
  • Two T-ball games

The coming week brings...

  • A drop spindle class at the Copper K Fiber Festival (more to follow on that!)
  • The last T-ball game (huzzah!)
  • A "yarn tasting" at Pam's Knit and Stitch 
  • Working on the Disney Villains quilt and the Week 8 of the Almond Country Quilt
  • Finish up the orange stripey socks
  • Practice with the drop spindle
  • Try and get through some of the HUGE pile of books I have accumulated over the past few days
For now...

Off to get Lady K's hair cut where she started on it herself!

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