Friday, July 21, 2017

Picture, Picture, Who Took the Picture?

Lady K often gets my phone. Especially if we are having to wait somewhere. She can listen to her songs if we forgot to bring along her iPod or iPad.

Only problem is...

I go to download a picture for myself and find there are over 300 pictures now on my phone.

It probably wouldn't be so bad, except for two things.

One, I really hate taking pictures of people. Even Lady K. I prefer non-people pictures. Weird, I know, but deal. 

So all of a sudden there are 300 pictures on my phone of faces. It's a bit disconcerting for me.

Secondly, and probably the biggest issues I have, is I forget how to remove a ton of pictures at one time from my phone!

I have to spend most of the time trying to remember what things to 'touch' to remove the pictures. I guess I should write it down.

But I would much rather just hand the phone to Texter and have her do it. After all, it's her fault!

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