Sunday, July 02, 2017

Week in Review - June 25 - July 1

Where is the year going?!?!?!

July already!

Oh well, that means it's...

Tour de France Time!

And while weather has been a bit on the cool side so far this year, July is already making itself known for being HOT!

Saturday was the first hike in a long time with my Helena Hikers group. We went to First People's Buffalo Jump .  And because it was a short, easy hike, Texter and Lady K attended also. 

But more on that hike later in the week.

And because the temperatures for July are forecast to be HOT, HOT, HOT, I bit the bullet and purchased a window unit for the front room on Saturday evening. We had one unit which came with the rental which we had installed in Texter's bedroom. 

Her room is always warm - no air circulation at all. But I'm old and cranky in the heat, not to mention Noel is too old and cranky to be uncomfortable. So I dug in the pocketbook and 'splurged' on another air conditioner. So I can knit and watch the Tour de France comfortably. And nap comfortably. You know, the important things in life.

Otherwise this past week...

  • Finished 4 books
  • Finished 6 bags for my knitting projects 
  • Started the Disney Villains quilt
  • T-ball practice and game
  • Finished 1 sock and started the second one
  • Signed Lady K up for the next round of swim lessons
  • Found out I won two more prizes in the local quilt shop hop!

The coming week...

  • Watching Tour de France and knitting!
  • Trying to stay cool
  • Another T-ball game
  • Trip to Deer Lodge and Anaconda to pick up my winnings!
  • Finishing up another audio book and onto the last one in the series
  • Staying up on Almond Country Quilt and finish piecing the Disney Villains quilt top

Well, off to put on clothes and another cup of coffee. Have an early morning grocery store run with Savvy for sugar for her pie making with a friend today.


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