Monday, July 10, 2017

Week in Review - July 2 - 8

Today is also "Mandala-less Monday". I have been rather busy this week with the start of the Tour de France and just didn't get it done. Which is why I am a day late posting my week in review. Today is a rest day for the Tour, so while I am sewing my Almond Country Beauty blocks today I will be semi-watching repeats of the past couple of days.


Despite hot temperatures this week, we have managed to stay fairly cool and comfortable. Thus, I was able to crochet, not one, but two afghans!

My position during the Tour and 'inspections' from Lady K on my progress.

Savvy's was done first and it has disappeared into the bowels of the basement or somewhere. Lady K's turned out to be very, very long and narrow. I did see Texter with it wrapped around her like a shawl. And on Lady K's we had to have only 4 large tassels, because, you see, she is only 4.

Both both were rather quick. One was out of Thick Yarn and the other was two strands held together and I used a V-stitch pattern. Easy and (almost) mistake proof. But they are now done and gone.

But starting back on the 2nd of July...

The kitchen was taken over by Savvy and friend (with assistance from Lady K) making pies. Strawberry/rhubarb was the primary pie. There were a couple of mixed berry pies in there too.

We had a 'surprise' visitor at our T-ball game on Wednesday night. Lady K's future husband if she has her way. He assisted in coaching during the game. She was so thrilled and so shy.

And later in the week, she wore her new 'ballet' clothes....around the house, to bed to sleep in.

Her 'intended's' sister is in ballet and this is an outfit she has outgrown. Along with another skirt and slippers. 

For myself, before I got distracted by rainbows, I made progress on the second sock...

We attended 4th of July celebrations at the park where I learned more about the back story of the creation of The Star-Spangled Banner.

A day trip to pick up my winnings from the local shop hop.  I had already picked up one prize, which was a wonderful bundle of goodies and then my second winning prize was a coloring book of quilt patterns from the Upper Thread in Anaconda.

But the really exciting prize?

When Quilter's Corner Etc. in Deer Lodge called to let me know I had won an iron, I was thinking a little travel iron. Instead, it's an iron which is smarter than me (which doesn't take much these days).

It lifts itself up and down!

I have only used it just a tiny bit and it will take some getting use to. But when you touch the handle it lowers itself and when you let go, it lifts itself up! Almost makes me want to iron some shirts!

And I have temporarily abandoned my striped socks to work on the Year of Techniques project for July which is a pair of socks. They are concentrating on heels....which is my Achilles!

Otherwise this week...

  • Wrote 3 posts
  • Finished 6 books (some were already in progress, I just finished them)
  • Helped Texter color her hair red again and she did mine purple again
  • 'Survived' the earthquake

This week...

  • NaguCon for Texter is this week, so lots of one-on-one time with Lady K
  • T-ball practice, game and pictures
  • Put out blankets Friday and then attend Symphony Under the Stars on Saturday
  • Finish up last week's and pick up this week's Almond Country Beauty Blocks
  • More Tour de France watching 
  • Try and stay cool during another warm week
  • Swim lessons, round 2, for Lady K

Well, it's time for another cup of coffee and rewatching some of the Tour before swim lessons.

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  1. Love the afghan and socks. You did a beautiful job...despite the warm weather. Is that Lady K I see wearing mouse ears? This Disney-loving fan thinks they are adorable. Have a great week! --Andrea


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