Wednesday, July 05, 2017

"Pride" Afghan Completion

I am two or three weeks behind being 'up' on recent changes to the Gay Pride Flag. To be more inclusive, they have added black and brown stripes.  

And then it hit me, I would make an afghan for Savvy. Something I could work on while watching the Tour de France and went with a simple "V" stitch pattern.  

On Monday, I dashed out to Joann Fabrics before the race watching started.

I originally thought normal worseted weight yarn, but then went with the "Thick and Chunky" to make it a quick crochet project. I didn't want a project lingering around for days and weeks since I should be knitting on my socks (and other projects already started).

And sure enough, it was a quick job to have several rows done while watching TV.  

Only problem....Lady K zeroed in on the yarn and knew immediately it was a 'rainbow'. And huge hazel eyes looked at me and I was informed she didn't have a rainbow blanket. Now I'm glad I went ahead and bought both sets of yarn!

Texter was recruited to hold and I discovered 'something' occurred in the middle of the afghan I didn't know about. And her face was at Lady K who had come outside without shoes and had to be given mine so she could walk on the 'crunchy' grass.

I wish the purple, blue and yellow had been more  purplish, bluish and yellowish, but I went with what was on hand.

And I added tassels on both ends.

Savvy was thrilled with the blanket and it's already in use, despite the hot temperatures. It is heavy! Each stripe is a full skein of yarn less just a tad. 

So why a Gay Pride Afghan?

Savvy identifies with it. And I feel (proudly) even if she didn't identify with it, she would still support it as we both have several friends who do. I am so glad she is a strong female who stands with her friends.

Downside of this? A quilt is being designed. She has requested a quilt with the different flags for the LGBT movement. where are all my solid colors?

Note: Yes, I have started on Lady K's rainbow afghan (with the black and brown included per her directions) last night. I was severely chastised because I wasn't working on it at one point! Same pattern, yarn doubled.

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