Friday, June 06, 2014

Shiver of Light

After literally years of waiting for Merry Gentry to give birth, she finally does!  To triplets!  However, as most people know, there is no rest for a new mother.  And in her case it means threats from the Seelie and Unseelie courts.

Fortunately, I was off work yesterday and as soon as Amazon delivered my book, it was on the couch and reading.  Unfortunately, you can't really explain to a 14 month old that grandma NEEDS to read this book undisturbed.

Opening with Merry and her men finding out that it's not twins, but triplets, and they aren't waiting for the news to sink in to be born.  Just as Merry and all her loves are unique, each of the three children are special in their own way.  However, the joy of the births is overshadowed by the knowledge that dear Uncle Tarnaris isn't giving up on putting Merry on the throne with him.

The Goddess is with Merry and faerie is growing in L.A. around her and her group of exiles.  But where there is light, there must be dark for balance.  Now I need to go back and reread all the series so I can reread this one again (and again, and again).

Once again Hamilton has hit one out of the park.  Being a follower of hers on Facebook and her blog, I know she is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her books - and it shows.  There is nothing worse than a beloved author starting to just trot out works with their name on it and you know it was only to fulfill obligations or for the money.  Hamilton has not fallen into that trap.  And while I wish she could write faster, I appreciate each and every book she puts out.  The best way to describe it is like comparing a box of say, Godiva chocolates, to a box of Whitman chocolates.  They are both a box of chocolates and they are both tasty.  But Godiva you savor each and every piece, not wanting to share a one.  Whitman you set out for everyone to have a piece of.  A Shiver of Light is pure Godiva chocolate!

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