Friday, June 06, 2014

Crow Creek Wildflowers

In a couple of weeks I am going on an actual "Wildflower Hike" with people who know their wildflowers.  I can't wait.  But last weekend, on the Crow Creek Falls Hike, there was no shortage of wildflowers.  And I have learned the names of at least a couple of them since then.

Although a bit blurry, I was told these were wild buttercups.

Unknown to me.

Looked like a yellow Queen Anne's lace, so I am sure it is in the same family.

The woods were covered in these and I was told they are Chiming Bells.

These almost reminded me of some sort of orchid.

I love these.  Wild clematis (I'm pretty sure) growing through a juniper with wolf moss on it.

Shooting Star.

And my favorite, the Fairy Slipper Orchid.

Soon I will learn the names of the others.  Being slow and last has it's advantages!

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