Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Embarrassment of Books

As I was tripping over the books piled up to read beside my bed, I realized a few things:

  1. I don't have the time to actually read all these books and still do the other things I want to do.
  2. I have two MAJOR books on my nightstand (well, one is being delivered tomorrow) by authors I adore and I want to read those first, but I have all these library books.
  3. I have two books I won off Goodreads I need to read and review for the authors and they are moving further and further down the list of things to read.
Then I hit upon this brilliant idea - AUDIO books!  I can listen and knit.  I can listen and work on my cookbook.  I can listen and clean and cook.  However, I do know I really can't listen and do any 'serious' writing, but that's ok.  I can get through some of these books.

So I hit upon this brilliant idea (for me, at any rate, any idea these days is brilliant).  I printed out my list of books I had checked out and went online to see which ones I could get the audio of.  So those are now going back to the library and I am waiting for the audio books to become available.

Then I sat myself down (figuratively, not literally) and returned a couple of Terry Brooks novels because they are number 5 and 6 in the series and I haven't read number 1 yet.  Terry Brooks has been on my 'to-read' list for some time.  Now I have to get serious about reading his books as he is the featured author at MisCon in 2015.

Another thing I realized as I was piling all the library books in the middle of the bed (let's ignore the stacks in the corners of the room) was that here I was all in a tizzy about not having the time to read all that I wanted to read.  There are people in the world who would give their right arm to have even 1 or 2 of these books to read and I'm whining about having too many.

So there is a huge, heavy bag of books going back to the library.  I have two audio books on my desk ready to play as I knit this afternoon after work. 

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