Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garden Update

It's funny to talk about a 'garden' update, when my garden is on the porch of a second story.  But it is my 'garden' to stick my little fingers in whenever I want.  It does make a nice picture first thing in the morning when I take the dog out and it's all covered in early morning sunshine.

I added some basil I got at the grocery store to the pots.  These two above have a few sugar snap peas and the scarlet runner beans in them.  And a pinwheel.  I love to see it go crazy in the 'soft, summer breezes' we get!  

My tomato line up.  I realize they might get a bit difficult to navigate through/around when they get bigger, but I figure snow will get them first!  I pinched suckers off them about a month ago and they are all short, but stocky.  In mid-June back in North Carolina, my cherry tomatoes at least would be as tall as I am, so I am having to adjust my expectations.

Do you see it?  That tiny bit of red in the bottom center of the picture?  That's strawberry number 2 I picked.  The berries are tiny, but flavorful.  And as you can see in this one area, covered with potential berries.  It looks so pretty overflowing it's bag.

All the tomato plants are setting fruit now.  This is my Juliet Grape which produces a ton of grape tomatoes, just right for snacking or salads.

But we had about 10 days of really grey, drizzly days, so I am hoping we start getting a bit warmer temperatures and sunshine.  Come on garden!  Mommy needs 'maters!

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  1. Your tomatoes look so much better than mine...


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