Sunday, June 29, 2014

Taking Stock

I keep telling myself to get up and 'do something', but the flesh and spirit are weak right now. Hopefully, in a couple of days, when Mercury is no longer in retrograde, everything will perk back up.  But I did come across this post by Pip at Meet Me At Mikes about stopping and taking stock of where she was at the present time.  I thought that was a wonderful idea in this 'downtime' I am experiencing.

Making :  a Dr. Who scarf
Cooking : soft pretzels
Drinking : sweet iced tea (should be more water!)
Reading: Skin Game by Jim Butcher and about 40 other books 
Wanting: to be 'doing' something
Looking: at clouds
Playing: Facebook games way to much
Deciding: to cut down on the above
Wishing: I had more motivation these past few days 
Enjoying: summer in Montana
Waiting: for August 1st and Savvy moves here 
Liking: where I am now 
Wondering: what I can do to make it better
Loving: life
Pondering: more exercise in my life 
Considering: cutting out 'waste of my time' activities (Facebook games and TV)
Watching: Major Crimes and Murder in the First (Draco is a bad guy again)
Hoping: I can find a routine to get into
Marveling: how good life really is now 
Needing: to cut out procrastinating 
Smelling: 'Spring' - a candle from Bath and Body Works
Wearing: my grinch pj bottoms and t-shirt
Following: way too many blogs
Noticing: the sound of the wind and how cold it sounds
Knowing: Savvy will be here soon 
Thinking: I shouldn't have eaten those two soft pretzels
Feeling: blah....
Admiring: both my daughters
Sorting: through piles of papers to organize and file/toss
Buying: iPads
Getting: ready for drive to Arizona
Bookmarking: Galadarling and her July instagram challenge
Disliking: my lagginess
Opening: my mind to other options in my life 
Giggling: at Lady K's dance moves 
Feeling: like change is just around the corner

So I am getting a bit more 'on track' after a Saturday spent piddling.  In looking at some of the blogs I follow, I now have a handful of ideas for posts over the next few weeks.  So far in June, I only missed one day posting, which makes me very happy and productive feeling.  For the moment at least.

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