Monday, June 09, 2014

Mercury Retrograde Warning!

Ok, so this explains a lot of how I have been feeling the past few days.  Mercury is in retrograde which basically means things are going backwards.  And being a Virgo, I am ruled by Mercury, so it makes me feel more irritable and cranky and touchy....bitchy is a good term for it.  Much like the full moon effects behavior, Mercury going 'retro' does have an effect.  However, unlike the full moon, it last longer, but comes along less often.  I just have to deal with this from today through the 2nd of July.

Gala Darling has penned an excellent article on Mercury Retrograde and how to survive it.  I think this is one of the first times I've read something which really explains a lot of what I am going through.  Talk about lack of communication - a lost my billfold and I feel really 'out of it' because of it.

And being 'retrograde', she also pulled out an older post on 10 Magical Ways to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde.  There are a couple of things I just might take to heart - like, 

  • relax and take care of myself - being sure I get my sleep and my vitamins and fruits and veggies, along with some exercise
  • rejuvenate my living area - tidy up all the clutter and look into better book storage
  • work on my personal mission statement
  • reread old journals - well, all my old journals are still in storage, but I need to get out my 'old' writing and go through it, organizing, so it will be ready to 'flow' 

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