Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Wildflower Hike Play

The weather here lately has been atypical for Montana apparently.  Several days of rainy, drizzly weather and cool (cold).  Makes me want to stay home and curl up with a book.  So I did a little play with a couple of the photographs from the hike on Saturday before I took my shower and headed to work.

The first is the chocolate lily....

I really like the watercolor, sketchy, rainy day feeling to it.  Then I reverted back to creating one of my mandalas.  I think it is amazing how you pick part of a picture, not knowing how it will turn out until you put all the pieces together.

I particularly like the center section.   Actually, the whole thing makes me happy, especially on this dreary day.  When I can't stay home and curl up with a book.

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