Wednesday, June 21, 2017

1648 Pictures and a Winner!

So I get a call on Tuesday from the Dysfunctional Quilter in Whitehall, Montana. I won!

From the local quilt shop hop, I won one of the two prizes she had. Mine was the Moda bundle of goodies. So between swim lessons and T-ball practice, I hopped in the car and drove over and picked up my winnings.

This morning I settle down to write about my 'lovelies' and discover, on my phone, are 1648 pictures to download!

It seems, Lady K, who had used it to listen to music yesterday before T-ball practice was recording her singing.

There are approximately 1632 pictures of various facial contortions as she sang along to the music from "Sing". And a couple of Texter in the front seat (of my very messy car!)

It use to be I could auto-remove pictures when I download to my computer, but not anymore. Or at least not a way I am aware of. So Texter will be my 'auto-remove' on my phone today!

Anyway, back to my winnings...

It was all contained in this cute tote. While I may use it to carry things to the monthly show-and-tell at The Sewing Palace, it will probably be repurposed as a knitting tote.

Tons of goodies!

What would a quilt shop win be without fabric? I have two charm packs and two mini-charm packs. Now I have to haunt the Moda Bakeshop site to decide what to do with them. The Juniper Berry charm packs are actually Christmas themed - subtle, but Christmas.  Maybe some kind of modified Irish Chain quilt?


And what is on the front? Foxes! 

This may come in handy when I get ready to quilt some of the tops I have ready and that are in the works. While the book is all pictures and no directions, there is a link to the tutorials for the blocks apparently. 

Meant for wine glasses, I have NEVER lost my glass in all my life. Try and make me set down my wine glass! 

Actually, like the tote, these may go over to the knitting side as progress markers.

And finally, the thing I am going to have to hide from Lady K because this will be right up her alley - a finger light!

I can see this being really handy for needlework (or shooting someone the finger!). Hmmm....wonder if I could strap it onto a knitting needle to knit in the dark with?

All-in-all what a great win! And the Dysfunctional Quilter is where the bulk of my fabric spending went on the shop hop, so a double win.

Now to figure out what quilt to make with the fabric.


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  1. Congrats! What a fun haul! That finger light would definitely be handy for hand-sewing, embroidery, etc.


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