Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fabric Haul - Texter

Dividing my haul up based on Texter, Savvy and Halloween.

I have been stashing fabric for Texter for awhile now. FOXES!

Nothing specific for these fabrics except for the two on the right. 

First off, we both fell in love with the brown animal print! Texter wants an apron out of this with pockets out of the pink on the far right. It should be cute. I think I am going to use the Purl Soho Adjustable Apron pattern. The body takes 1.25 yards and I only have 1 yard, but it is made for a guy, so may have to do some 'figuring' on this. I really think I want to find some fox fabric in a heavier fabric for the apron. Hmmmm.....

Another small fox panel.

This is all the fox prints/patterns I already had on hand for her. I have cut out come fabric for the Fancy Fox pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. And then the Hoffman digital print, I have the kit for a lap quilt/wall hanging.

Another panel with a fox on it. And a wall hanging of a fox. Lots of appliqué.

Lots of fussy cutting in my future to make a quilt out of all the fox fabric, but it should be fun.

Note: In case you think I have forgotten Lady K and CJ, not the case. Lady K has an owl quilt I bought fabric for when she was born I will be doing. Not to mention some other fabrics - which I may or may not do at this point in time.

And CJ - well, I have some blues and some old dress shirts I plan on using for a quilt for him!

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  1. Ah, those are all adorable! I need to get into quilting, so I have an excuse to buy cute patterned fabric like this. All my current fabric is rather plain, meant for making pants and dresses and costumes. Not that I've sewn anything in years.... :/


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