Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Rolls Along

We had a couple of 'warm' days here in Helena in June, but for the most part it has been pretty cool. Not really feeling the summer vibe. But of course, in true Montana fashion, if it's in the 40's, on goes the shorts. Go figure.

But today the temperatures are set to start going up for the next week or so. Which means watering the lawn and my tomatoes daily. 

Anyway, my June goals were...

  • Gym time - HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Writing - morning pages if nothing else and more extensive journaling - another HAHAHA!
  • Start the Almond Country BOW quilt (supplies and backing purchased) - staying on top of it and making a second quilt at the same time
  • Local Quilt Shop Hop and start the Row by Row hop - did the local hop and won from one of them and will collect more 'license plates' as we do day trips
  • Big Sky Fiber Festival - 
  • Swim lessons and t-ball start for Lady K  - which is one reason why no gym time!
  • Texter takes her written driver's test so she can start practicing driving
  • Crystal Park to dig for crystals - did!
  • Gulch Distillers for a class on making syrups - I have a jar of simple syrup, ginger syrup, and raw sugar syrup
  • Lots of knitting! - so-so, wrapping up the Mystery Wrap
  • Even more reading! - read enough to turn in a Book Bingo sheet at the library

So for July...

  • Texter has NaguCon and I am the babysitter (3 days)
  • Symphony in the Park with the 'gang'
  • Copper K Fiber Festival and a drop spindle class
  • Two hikes - one with Lady K and Texter and one without
  • Staying up on the Almond Country Quilt and the Batman Quilt
  • GYM!
  • Reading (or listening to audio books)
  • T-ball and second round of swim lessons
  • Phillipsburg (candy) and Gem Mountain day trip
  • Finish knitting Mystery Wrap, Trout Creek Shawl and one pair of socks (have one sock done!)
  • Start on (and hopefully complete the top for) the Queen of Ween and the Disney Villains quilts. I have one top designed and the other I am using a Moda pattern on.
  • Trip to Phillipsburg to the Sweet Shop 
  • Help/participate in a cleanse with Savvy while she is on vacation (of course, this is after the trip to the sweet shop
  • Couple of hikes with the hiking group
  • Taking a "Birds of a Feather" quilt block class
  • Texter taking her driving test for her learner's permit now that a replacement birth certificate has arrived

But for now...more coffee to go with some baked apple donuts.

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