Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fingers Crossed or Bay Window Love

The house we are renting until the move back to North Carolina has a bay window in the living room. It faces east, but since it 'bows' out, it also catches a southern exposure too. Rather than let it go to waste, or Lady K and the dogs taking over, it has become my indoor garden area.

Or rather, the Orchid Garden...

Missing is the pot of dirt with a piece of ginger and a piece of turmeric I am seeing if I can grow. Also, the succulent gardens (2) Texter brought home from a wedding she went to this past weekend.

Most of the orchids I have received as gifts or are 'rescue' plants.

In March, the orchid club had a repotting where I divided and repotted a couple of my own plants. The one above was a 'rootless' division one of the members was going to trash, but I took to see what would happen.

Much to my delight (and my benign neglect), it is actually putting out a little shoot!

And one of my own divisions and repottings may make it yet as there is evidence of new growth!

There is also new leaves growing on a couple of plants which, fingers crossed, may mean flowers in the future. The one above I purchased locally and she wasn't sure what it was, so it's a bit of a mystery orchid.

And while Savvy likes avocado, I like the seeds. This one has about a 3 inch root on it now and the second one is getting ready to show it's root. I need to find a couple of pots to put them in soon.

This aloe is not only blooming, but has a 'pup'.

Now for more coffee and some misting. 

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